Ideas-driven design studio with an expressive outlook that extends from the city to the sideboard. As this website shows, our broad portfolio includes many building types and a wide range of furniture, making us unusually capable of creating unique environments with full FF&E. We also specialise in work to existing buildings – what we call ‘radical refurb’ – as being an area of design with enormous potential for originality.

Projects like the Hoxton Hotel in London, for which we developed the branding strategy and the internal masterplan, and the hugely successful Wallop restaurant at Glyndebourne Opera are indicative of our ability to think and do. Our studio team is composed specifically to benefit from disciplinary crossover, and includes qualified architects, interior designers and product designers.

We cut our teeth in Japan where we built over twenty-five projects including three new buildings and many shop and restaurant interiors. Well know buildings include the Geffrye Museum in London, the Hubs in Sheffield and The Wall in Tokyo.

Though spatial design is at the heart of our practice, this translates naturally into furniture, lighting and object design. Some 150 of our pieces are in production, including our own line Nigel Coates that launched in 2015. We have ongoing connections to many design companies in Italy and the UK including Alessi, Ceramica Bardelli, Fornasetti, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Glamora, F.lli Boffi, L’Abbate, Potentino, Slamp, Terzani and Hitch Mylius.

To sustain originality and a broad understanding of the city, I conceived the ongoing conceptual project Ecstacity. It has guided the studio through many urban strategies, buildings, and our entire design language. Books include Guide to Ecstacity and Narrative Architecture.

‘‘Whatever the space or the object, Coates will fill it with passion, irony and instinct.’’